Trash to Treasure

Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle. These three words are the key to how I choose to live.

As a child, I’d spend countless hours rifling through junk shops, amazed at what people chose to discard. I’m still at it as an adult, as I find history fascinating. The opportunity to have a rummage seems to present itself less and less, as our high streets evolve into ever glossier bland identikit shopping experiences.

Walking around the streets of London, I’m still amazed at what gets thrown out. Beautiful vintage solid wood furniture, being discarded in favour of flat packed furniture, made out of composite wood.

Often, all that’s needed is a very simple repair, a coat of paint and some imagination in order to fit within a contemporary lifestyle. Many of these discarded pieces have ended up in my home, to become part of my story. Others have been sold on to buyers who are sympathetic to my approach and design ethos.

My home is my gallery. It’s full of old curiosities, and is ever-changing. I hope that you find something here to excite your passions.


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